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Thanksgivathon 2021!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Here at Yass, Jesus! we are thankful for YOU, our listeners. (Yes, we’re still thankful for blow jobs, too – a la 2020.). This year we wanted to take a moment to hear directly from the Yassuits about the blessings you find in daily life, and to feel thankful for the strong community we’re building.

P.S. If you don’t know what a “Yassuit” is, you haven’t been watching our Instagram Live enough! Hint: Yass Jesuits is what Azariah used to call our listeners, but on his last Q&A with you all it was pretty clear that “Yassuits” just rolls of the tongue better. YOU SPEAK, WE LISTEN.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our producers are Ross Murray and Meredith Paulley. Sound, music, and post-production by Chris Heckman. Special thanks to Sophie Serrano and Sam Isfan.

Yass, Jesus! is brought to you by Audity. Audity execs are Ryann Lauckner, Steve Michaels, and Jessica Bustillos.

Get to know us better:

Daniel Franzese

Azariah Southworth

Ross Murray

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