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Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Homecoming can be a joyous occasion (marching bands and hot jocks – YASS, PLEASE) but for those of us who struggle to have our adult selves accepted and acknowledged by the people we grew up around, homecoming can also be challenging. Even Jesus faced opposition from his hometown when he returned as an adult! Today we explore relatable bible stories all about going home as your true self.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our producers are Ross Murray and Meredith Paulley. Sound, music, and post production by Chris Heckman. Special thanks to Sophie Serrano and Sam Isfan.

Yass, Jesus! is brought to you by Audity. Audity execs are Ryann Lauckner, Steve Michaels, and Jessica Bustillos.

Get to know us better:

Daniel Franzese

Azariah Southworth

Ross Murray

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