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Paul Got a Little Thorny

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

You know those people who pick up a new belief or adopt a new lifestyle and suddenly they get real vocal about their expertise in it? Girl, you know you’re never gonna be able to live up to those standards you’re preaching! On this episode we take a good look at Paul, who got a little bit thorny (ok A LOT) after converting to Christianity.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our producer is Ross Murray. Sound, music, and post production by Chris Heckman. Special thanks to Sophie Serrano, Meredith Paulley, and Sam Isfan.

Yass, Jesus! is brought to you by Audity. Audity execs are Ryann Lauckner, Steve Michaels, and Jessica Bustillos.

Get to know us better:

Daniel Franzese

Azariah Southworth

Ross Murray

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