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Won't Anyone Think of the Children?!?

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

What impact would it have had for you to find a pastor or youth minister who was open, accepting, and helped you grow up as an out and proud LGBTQIA+ youth? Would your life path have been different if you could have been open in church about your sexual orientation? So many don’t have this safe space. Today we sit down with our Freakin’ Deacon Ross Murray to talk about Youth Ministry and his new book Made, Known, Loved: Developing LGBTQ-Inclusive Youth Ministry.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our producer is Ross Murray. Sound, music, and post production by Chris Heckman. Special thanks to Sophie Serrano, Meredith Paulley, and Sam Isfan.

Yass, Jesus! is brought to you by Audity. Audity execs are Ryann Lauckner, Steve Michaels, and Jessica Bustillos.

Get to know us better:

Daniel Franzese

Azariah Southworth

Ross Murray

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