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All Time Favorite: Who’s In Your House? Finding and Forming Chosen Family

We’ve talked about the importance of Chosen Family (especially when we aren’t accepted by our biological families), but how do you find a family that loves you and your truth? This episode is inspired by a listener who wrote in asking for tangible ways to find a loving community.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our producers are Ross Murray and⁠ Meredith Paulley⁠. Sound, music, and post-production by Chris Heckman.

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Azariah Southworth

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Daniel: [00:00:00] Hello, Kings and Queens and in-betweens, sinner saints, and I don't know if I is or if I ain'ts. Welcome to another family friendly, so far, episode of Yass Jesus. I'm Daniel Franzese and I'm here with my bestie for the restie...

Azariah: It's still family-friendly, Azariah Southworth.

Daniel: Oh he's beeping today. Don't worry about it. You can beep too. We're going to be talking about finding and forming chosen family because here at Yass Jesus, we believe...

Azariah: the people you surround yourself with are gift from God.

Daniel: You can build the chosen family that you need. That's right. Armistead Mauping in his tales of the city books, which are fabulous reads about queer life in the seventies, eighties, nineties, and they keep going, there's one for like every decade, speaks about how gay people have a biological family and a logical family. Isn't that interesting? And you're my logical family, Azzie, you are. But that's not news to you, but do you want to know what is news? [radio beeping] [00:01:00] Gay Christian News.

Azariah: Is it a worship service? A drag show? Which one do you want? And why should you choose when you can have both. At the Austin congregational United church of Christ and spirituality center in Austin, Minnesota has a great new worship style called drag me to church, featuring the drag queen Roxy, not the one left at the bus stop. But 'it means so much to see an outpour of love and support from a community that growing up, I thought would reject me at first and say that you're not good enough,' roxy says, and Roxy has been a member of the congregation her whole life. And now she's leading the service with singing and dancing and a little bit of gospel.

Daniel: We love it. ABC news in Rochester, Minnesota did a sweet profile of Roxy and the Austin UCC. We will share a link in the show notes.

Azariah: Pastor David [00:02:00] Stoker is in full support saying 'what we wanted this to be was a deliberate, intentional welcome to the LGBTQ plus community. It started out just as a one-time worship service as a fundraiser for the Trevor project, but they loved it so much that Roxy is now going to be leading worship again very soon.'

Daniel: Oh, we love that. That sounds so fun. I love a little bit of whimsy. Like why not a little more whimsy in the church? We can definitely use it. That's so awesome. We'll be praying for you that that's a huge success Roxy, because I want to go, don't you?

Azariah: Drag me.

Daniel: We could do a pilgrimage.

Azariah: I'm down, I'm down.

Daniel: Drag bingo ain't the only thing that's ever happened in a church basement, you know, we can get it going. Well, that's definitely a praise report, which brings us to this section of our show, where we do praise reports and prayer requests. This is where if you have a little something extra that you want to, hallelujah, we'll hallelujah along with you here on the praise report. And if you have a prayer request, which is something that you just need us to [00:03:00] pray with you for and want our listeners to pray as well, we'll just submit it. Just go to and you can leave a voicemail or you could leave an email. Just let us know. We're going to start right now with a praise report. What do we hallelujahing today, Azzie?

Azariah: Yes. This praise report comes to us from JB Justine.

Daniel: Well, it's like XBI Justine. I mean, it must, that's from the internet, obviously.

Azariah: Obviously, obviously extra big ideas, Justine. I don't know. Well, they say 'yesterday, my church had the meeting of all meetings. My pastor came out as affirming and I counted he and the elder, and we as a staff want to take our church in that direction as well. So they are part of the reformed church and only just got the, okay from the general sign-on to talk about it openly. My pastor has been a rock in my life since I [00:04:00] came out to him in 2019 and watching him navigate this process, having him trust me to tell him that what works needs to be done has been incredible. I'm so excited for us to start our public journey of being a safe church space now. '

Daniel: Oh , that is excellent. It was certainly something worth hallelujahing. uh, to Justine and others, you've got to check out our episode about making your church welcoming. Uh, your pastor is doing the work and he needs to be supported, so that's a wonderful way to do that. Um, you know, a lot of times pastors react to the needs of the congregation. So if you feel like your church uh, isn't necessarily that, then, you know, this is a good start of a way to figure out how- check out that episode. Um, we're going move on to a prayer request , Azzie. This is from H Y T L D O.

We get a lot of these from social media. Clearly don't know how to pronounce it, but, um, maybe Hyde Toledo? I don't know. Um, but H Y T LDO says, 'I'm asking for prayers and for [00:05:00] patience and understanding as God reveals my next career path.' A lot of us have been on this journey before as you know, Azzie, and it's never easy, but I think sometimes just having a little bit of faith and putting one foot in front of the other leads to great things. I mean, you know, I'm an actor. My, my career has been freelance all my whole life, so I never, as of now I'm unemployed forever basically. Until I'm hired, until I'm hired, Yass Jesus is my job. And I just sit around and just, just work as hard as you can and trust. So I'll pray for you if you pray for me, Hyde Toledo.

Um, I'm really hoping that everything works out for you wonderfully because this has been a time of upheaval and change for so many people.

Azariah: And like in our recent episode, I forget the title of it, but it just aired today about coming out of the closet, there was a quote that we mentioned in it by Howard Thurman that says, do what makes you come fully alive because what the world needs is more people that are alive. So use this time to discover what that is. [00:06:00] If you already know what it is, do it, go all in honey and become alive for a us all. Yeah.

Daniel: Yes. Well, we will be praying for you so much. I'm going to once again, call you Hyde Toledo, but we will be praying so much for you. I'm hoping that, uh, you find your way.

Azariah: Yes.

Daniel: Um, listen, everybody stick around because right after this, we'll be right back with the scripture of the day.

It's that time again before the scripture of the day [repeat 3x]. It's soul food, yes it is, it's yummy and it's tasty, it's a big old bowl of soup. Azzie, tell us about the scripture of the day.

Azariah: It's a biscuit and you better sop it up. Proverbs 27:10- [00:07:00] do not forsake your friend or the friend of your parents. Do not go to the house of your kindred in the day of your calamity. Better is a neighbor who is nearby than kindred who are far away.

Daniel: You know, um, we grew up with, you know, we left a huge family in Brooklyn when we moved to Florida and had to come up with our own chosen family here, you know, and you know, Italians that were like, you have a cousin, you have a cousin like that. You have to have like 2.5 meals with us and you become a cousin. Um, Which brings us to the gospel today's episode, you know, a few months ago, we did an episode on chosen family and it talks about the importance of chosen family and the logical family and how powerful and healing it is, especially when your bio family doesn't really get it.

Azariah: Yeah. We talked about the fact that Jesus had a chosen family, his disciples, 12 men, and we don't know how many women followed him. But they ate together talk together and they live together. [00:08:00]

Daniel: Yeah. And our episode inspired one listener to write in with a request. He says, 'my name is Eric and I am a gay life coach who helps other gay men free themselves from church shame. Just listened to the podcast of Yass Jesus about chosen family, and it was a great episode. And I plan on including it in my curriculum. Curious if you'd be interested in producing a part two that shows some ways in how people can find their chosen community. I have many clients in unaccepting communities, many of them closeted who crave community. This episode affirms that they are not alone, but I would love to provide for them tangible ways of finding a new community. Thank you so much for what you do best, Eric.' Wow. It's so cool somebody's is using us in a curriculum, Azzie. They didn't know my high school GPA.

Azariah: Lord. I better put a watch over my tongue, jesus.

Daniel: A watch over your tongue?

Azariah: Yeah. Just like, you know, just like, be mindful of the words that you say, basically ... Watch your tongue.

Daniel: Did you take it literally when [00:09:00] you were a kid? Did you think somebody, like took your tongue?

Azariah: Probably, I took everything literally. I used to... can you imagine me with the watch on my tongue?

Daniel: You're like the Amelia Bedelia of Indiana.

Azariah: Literally. Well, Eric, we are here for you and so is Grindr. Uh, that's sometimes that's, that's where you can find chosen family, but also finding chosen family and things that you love such as volunteering for a local organization is a great way. But we sat on this...

Daniel: I actually love a valid volunteer where you type in all of like your skill sets and things that you would like to participate them. And then when, when there's a need for someone with your skill set, they send you an email. So that's a nice resource.

Azariah: I never heard of that. That's a great one. Well, we sat on this for a couple months, but we are now ready to roll with, a 'how to find and form a chosen family'.

Daniel: Now remember y'all, the purpose of a chosen family is to provide love and support. So you want to find people who [00:10:00] compliment you and build you up, make you feel like you're a better person, you know, show me who your friends are, showing who you are.

Azariah: Yeah. Find yourself a Danny. You can't really control the family you're born into, but you can be very intentional about who you surround yourself with in your chosen family. So for goodness sake, doll, do not surround yourself with toxic people.

Daniel: Yeah. get em out, weed out the garden. It's not just about filling your life with, you know, all Willy nilly and whoever. This is not the time to be emotionally slutty like me in college. Honestly, somebody once told me they were like, this is a true story somebody once told me... They're all true. But somebody once told me 'you know, it's really funny how the friends that you make it orientation end up being the friends you have for all four years of college.' So I gave every single person I met at orientation, my number, and I ripped up a bunch of pieces of paper at my number on it, like a business card. And I gave it to every single person that it became a thing. But what I'm [00:11:00] neglecting to mention is I didn't go to a giant university. I went to a small conservatory with 150 students in it. So by the end of the night, everyone's like, did you get the paper from the new kid? Um, so I mean, but you know, you should definitely be a little more choosy for sure.

Azariah: Yeah. And I would just make an edit to what you said. It's not about filling your life up with Willy nillies, but sometimes it can be about filling your life up with Willy's. No? Okay.

Daniel: You've been sitting on that one for a month.

Azariah: Literally.

Daniel: You know, you really, you can emotionally date around, but you can also be very cheesy about who you settle with. This is about who is going to be helping to shape and influence how you want to live out in this world. Now you want to surround yourself with people who are going to build you up to live your life fully and abundantly out in the world as you are.

Azariah: And here are some qualities to look for and who you want to bring into your chosen family.

Daniel: Yeah. You want to find yourself some [00:12:00] Carebears, okay. You want to find yourself some caring people who indistinctively know how to be there for us. Like some empathic loving people that know how to care about our wellbeing from a really genuine place in their hearts. The carebear is that a type of person who really wants you to thrive or find success and abundance in your life, is like a cheerleader for you. It's not about what you can give to them. They care that you know that you're supported and loved.

Azariah: Yes. Imagine having someone like this in your life. Someone who cares about who you are and what you're doing in this world.

Daniel: Yeah. That would be lovely. I think that'd be really lovely. You know what else? You know what I like? People with a sense of humor, you need some funny people.

I always say that my friends either have to be hilarious or laugh a lot and they could, that could change daily though, you know, but you either have to, if you're not funny today Azzie, you better laugh or you're out of here. You know what I mean? Like sense of humor is essential for your queer chosen family, you know, and you could laugh [00:13:00] fake as I want I'm a comedian. I have my friend, Karen, but my friend, Karen, like when she's in. The front row of a comedy show, she was goes [fake laugh] that's her laugh, but you know what? I'll take it. Like it's, it's important. It's important. A sense of humor is essential. Genuine humor can be a real gift when you just need to recharge your batteries, you know, they can help you lighten up a tense situation or maybe give you a little bit of a different perspective you know? Humor opens up perspectives.

Azariah: Yes it does, and opens up minds to. Another one. Do you have your notepad? No judge judy's. None. Get rid of them.

Daniel: Yeah. You gotta rid of those judgy Judy's.

Azariah: Judgmental and controlling behavior is one of the most common reasons that many queer Christians have difficulty with their birth families. So why would you want to create that in your chosen family? Seek chosen family that doesn't judge who you [00:14:00] are for your past or for your present. Seek those who will always encourage you to do what they think is authentically best and avoid those who make you feel small for pursuing your happiness or interests.

Uh, you

Daniel: know, I used to, I made that mistake early on when trying to choose chosen family. I always, because I'm a comedian, I always love the people that would sit in the corner of the bar and talk about every single person in the bar. But you know, those people are kind of fun to listen to, but when you really participate in that like nasty gossip, Um, eventually you're left alone with the nastiest person in the room. You know, like sometimes, you know, letting people just let their freak flag fly and be authentically themselves without judging whatever it is that they do, sometimes it's very freeing for yourself. So, you know, you think you're improving your self-esteem by sitting around and making fun of everybody and judging everyone. But in actuality, you're really digging your own grave there. You know what you do want? Maybe not judge Judy, but you want some honest and open people because good communication is essential to a healthy relationship. So many [00:15:00] queer folks struggle with this in our bio families. We have to communicate our emotions and we have to be safe in stating how we feel all the time. So beyond that happy and healthy relationships require that other people involved are willing to be open with you as well.

Azariah: Your chosen family needs some emotional awareness. And emotional awareness is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves and our relationships. Emotional awareness helps you recognize and manage your emotions while also coming to understand other people's emotions.

Daniel: My friend, Amanda has such great emotional awareness. Like sometimes when I'd get in the argument, like into past, when I was younger and I get in arguments with people that would turn into heated and heated and we debate and argue and disagree, and Amanda is the type of person where she be like, I'm upset that you did this and communicate with me and I'd be like, but I was feeling this way. And then she'd be like, well, that actually makes sense. All right. Okay. Like, and I be like, that's it? We're done arguing? I had so many more [00:16:00] things that I could combat with, but she's like, no, I get your point. She was like, you're right. You don't have to. And I was like, I was like, so we should all take a page out of Amanda's book and be emotionally aware.

People who are aware of their emotions come to see the world for what it really is. They aren't ashamed of how they feel. Surrounding others with emotionally aware people improves the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

Azariah: Finally people who are in alignment with you. Find these people.

Daniel: Yeah, this one's a little more subjective. It'll really be up to you.

Azariah: Yeah. When building a chosen family, you want relationships that are rewarding and fulfilling. So you will want people who have similar values and energy as we do, they should want to bring the same things in life, or they should be going in the same general direction. These are the people who are able to build a one another up rather than tear one another down. They are those who are seeking to improve their lives rather than settling for the same old, [00:17:00] same old.

Daniel: Yeah. Really pay attention to the people that celebrate your victories. Like really like, you know, when you have something that's like that you're excited about find out who's excited with you. I think that's a really good indicator, you know? Um, this is, it's difficult because you can't just look for these kinds of qualities in other people. You need to have those other qualities for those other people. So really, be the person that you want to be friends with. Be that person, it's not just about what they can do for you, but how y'all can be in a relationship together.

Azariah: Yeah. The law of attraction, honey, the law of attraction. It's not really dating, as in you're not looking for the one single person who wants to spend the rest of their life with you. But it's also a little like dating in that you're finding people who can click with you, who can mesh with you, who can be vulnerable with you.

Daniel: So you, before you just go out and think you can just buy yourself a chosen family. It's worthwhile to do a little inventory of your [00:18:00] own self and your own life. Whatchu you got to offer me? Oh, we gonna see, we got to check out a few things, you know, with ourselves before we can find those type of people. Here's how you do that.

Azariah: Figure out who you are. You cannot form a family of nurturing people around you until you spend some time figuring out who you are. That means also dealing with your own crap, working through whatever dysfunction or trauma you might have experienced.

Daniel: You need to figure out exactly who you are so you can find those who want the energy that you're putting out into the universe. Are you picking up what I'm putting down , Azzie?

Azariah: Girl, I hear you. This stage requires, well, this stage requires brutal honesty or else risk being ineffective, and you need to admit what you want from every aspect of yourself.

Daniel: Yeah. Do the work on you, physician heal thyself before you try to find someone else who can complete you. [00:19:00]

Azariah: That's hard work, but it can be done. Get clear on your essentials. Once you know who you are, then you will want to figure out what you want from the people you surround yourself with and give questions like this:

what kind of family do you want to build for yourself? What space do you want it to possess in your life? How do you want to feel around the people in your life?

Daniel: So picture your perfect family for you, picture them. And remember you do deserve your perfect family.

Azariah: And this is an important one- set boundaries for yourself.

Daniel: Yeah. Boundaries are essential to family life, both biological and logical. Your personal family needs to accept your boundaries too. Boundaries are partly about expectations that we have for others. But they're also about creating space for ourselves.

Azariah: It's not just about freezing people out or withholding information [00:20:00] or feelings. It's about knowing who we are and how we are different from the others around us. We also have to set boundaries for ourselves in order to ensure we're not settling for less than we deserve.

Daniel: Now, this is a fantastic time to look at your patterns, I mean question, where do they come from? Are they coming from God or someplace else? Think about how you are around others, both healthy and unhealthy behaviors, because your behaviors get impacted by the others that we live with. Now, are all these people going to encourage healthy habits or just the bad stuff that you're doing?

Azariah: Right. You don't want your chosen family to be toxic. You want folks who bring out your best self. And one of the things that I always will remember that my mom taught me is, do you feel driven to do something? Or do you feel like you're being led to do something? Cause the devil is [00:21:00] like a cowboy and will drive you to do things. And Jesus is a shepherd will lead you.

Daniel: Mm, connect with those who match up, you know, now that you know who you are and who you'd want to be with now, you need to figure out who's a match to that, family-wise that is. Everybody's got baggage, but you need matching luggage. We need to find an alignment with people that we want in our lives. We should share the same core vision and we should want the best for one another. You should like them, enjoy their company and appreciate having them in your life.

Azariah: And don't just surround yourself with takers, but givers as well. And you can't just be a taker. You got to give honey, you got to give to get.

Daniel: You also have to be careful how much you give, because you can give forever. And some of the takers never stopped taking.

Azariah: And speaking of, I love what Iyanla Vanzant says. She uses the metaphor of that like, you know, in Psalms it says my cup runneth over. What's in the cup is for you, where it runs overs for [00:22:00] everyone else. And you got to keep yourself full in order to be running over, to be able to give to others. And a lot of people will think that's selfish, but Iyanla Vanzant argues that self-full. And the I agree with that so wholeheartedly.

Daniel: I like self-full because honestly, sometimes, um, if you tell everybody else that they come first, you're really sending the message to every single person around you that you come second. Um, you know, so it's like, you have to sometimes put yourself for... you know, it's when they say you're on the plane and they go put the, uh, the oxygen mask on yourself before your child, because you know, you could pass out doing that and then you both are in trouble, you know? So it's like, you really have to make sure that you're you're, you're doing well.

Azariah: How can you be in service without, you know, being able to care for yourself? If you can't take care of yourself, you can't be of service to others.

Daniel: You have to look for those people who are seeking the same piece in contentment in their lives as you want in yours. And you'll [00:23:00] find that peace and that contentment in your relationships.

Azariah: And maybe, I'm just going to say it, this isn't about excitement or chaos.

Daniel: I mean, you know, we do love a little bit of the drams.

Azariah: I like a little drama. Match up what you want for your future. And the way you treat one another. And the rest will fall into place.

Daniel: This one took me so long to learn Azzie, but lean into who you are. This also means you need to be real, like really real. I mean, Hollywood is a land of Cod bud trees and the fake mountains, but you know, it took a long... or people that will, because they just want to go on a hike that because they really want to be your friend. Um, you know, are you saying that I don't go on hikes with you?

Azariah: No

Daniel: the way that we let [00:24:00] people into our lives is to be as authentically ourselves as possible. You need to lean into who you really are and become the person that allows you to be fulfilled, allows you to be at peace and allows you to be happy with yourself. What makes you happy? What thrills you, it gets you out of bed in the morning?

What makes you feel gratitude? What comforts you? What makes you scared? What makes you feel joy this morning?

Azariah: This morning it was the biscuits and gravy that I made from scratch. That's what got me out of bed and cooking.

Daniel: You know, you start cooking once I'm not in town. Like, what's that about? Like, I want a biscuits in a little dirty tupperware.

Azariah: They were the best biscuits I've ever made, too. They were so soft and so good. I'll make them for you when you're in town... whatever! I can't make you biscuits when you're a thousand, 2000 miles away. Well, the more you are yourself, the more your chosen family will fall into place around you. [00:25:00] Lean into who you are and what you want your life to be, to let them in.

Daniel: Yeah, we set it a lot. It's a lot like dating, but instead of finding who you're compatible with sexually it's who you're compatible with family-wise- that makes sense?

Azariah: Yeah. Yeah. I think so. Some of this is your intentionality and some is the people that God will put in your life. Chosen family can be just as messy as bio family. Pose and tales of the city as Danny referenced at the top of the show showed us all of this.

Daniel: I don't want to fool you into thinking that it's easy to just go and like poof for my chosen family.

Azariah: It's perfect.

Daniel: It's perfect, look at it, you know? It's it's part of your work, but it's also God's Providence. And once you got them, you have to maintain that relationship with all of them.

Azariah: Yes, it is whack honey, [00:26:00] but it is joyful work. It is fulfilling work. Just speaking from personal experience will be those moments... you know, those moments when you're just like, You realize all that you have and you have that just sense of gratitude and just that knowing that everything is okay? That's what it gives you. That's the kind of work that it gives you.

Daniel: In chosen family. If you're trying to, if you're putting in, if you're trying to put in all the work and do the right work, one day, you'll turn around and be like my family's great. Work. Yeah.

Azariah: Yeah.

Daniel: And that's it. And the tithe love offering charity act of good for you this week. Now we mentioned in our gay Christian news segment, we mentioned this but, if the Austin United church of Christ can raise money for the Trevor project then, so can we.

Azariah: Trevor provides life saving support for LGBTQ youth who are considering self-harm or suicide. Their hotline and texting program have saved [00:27:00] countless lives. So check out There are many ways you can support, you can donate. They always need your money. But if you are really dedicated, you can volunteer for the hotline. You will need to go through a training, which I failed and then sign up for regular shifts. But it is well worth it.

Daniel: You can do it, we believe in you. Azzie donates, you know? Those who can volunteer and those who can't donate and everyone can do everything. You guys, we're going to tell you about the song of praise, act of praise. We want to spread the love to other queer Christian music and artists. So if you're a queer Christian musician and you want us to play one of your songs, just send us an email, the with the link to where we can find an MP3 file of a song that you want us to consider.

So now y'all thanks for joining us. Let's bow our heads in closing prayer, unless you're driving. Cause Jesus can actually take the wheel. Uh, father God, thank you for bringing us together on another beautiful Yass Jesus. We just love this community so much. And I have to tell you, [00:28:00] our DM's have been full and we are so happy to hear from all of you and all of the people all across the world that are picking up what we're putting down here and become our chosen family here on Yass jesus. We want to pray, especially for those people in our lives who fulfill us, uh, much like our listeners who give us these stories that fill our lives. They make us better and stronger. And let those out there who are listening to this, who don't feel like they have a chosen family. Let them know that we're their chosen family. We are here for them and we want to let those who need a chosen family in their daily life to find the right folks in their lives, Lord.

Azariah: Yes. And just a special prayer for the listeners that we have in places like Uganda, Indonesia, Philippines, Denmark, you know, places like Uganda, where it is difficult just to survive as an LGBTQ person and to risk finding a chosen family can mean risking your life. Uh, we pray for those people. And we pray for [00:29:00] XBI Justine and their church on the path to making their church welcoming. Give them wisdom and strength. Open hearts and a willingness to do the work, to make a truly welcome place for LGBTQ people and to all people. And we also pray for Hyde Toledo. However, we pronounce that, let their career path be revealed and give them life and make them come fully alive in the name of our Lord.

Daniel: In the holy name, amen. Uh, thank you all for listening to another episode of Yass Jesus. Thank you, Azzie. You can find this on the social media @yassjesuspod or on our website at If you like the show, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor. We need it. You can find the link to do so in the in the show notes. And if you haven't yet, please leave us a review or share us with a friend. Doing so helps us reach new people in Uganda and beyond. So please, uh, it also helps keep the show, running.

Azariah: And for a limited time, I will be [00:30:00] doing a free reverse strip show online for all new patron supporters. It's a reverse strip show, I put clothes on.

Daniel: Oh, okay then yeah, please.

Azariah: You can now leave an audio prayer request or praise report on our website, We would love to share your voice and your prayers on the show, so drop us a line or send us a recording on

Daniel: Send us your praise reports, your prayer request, episode ideas, guest ideas, or even just an 'I choose you.' we'd love to hear from you. Yass Jesus is hosted by me, Danny Franzese And

Azariah: Your primo, Azariah Southworth. Music, sound, editing and all things audio are done by Chris Heckman our show is produced by the freaking deacon, Ross Murray and Meredith Paulley and the guy next door who's screaming at his TV for the football game right now. Special thanks to Sophie Serrano and Sam Isfan.

Daniel: Yass [00:31:00] jesus is brought to you by Audity. Audity execs are Ryann Lauckner, Jessica Bustillos and Steve Michaels.. Y'all we are streaming and screaming on apple podcast, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.

Azariah: And remember, you got family here, honey, and God loves you just as you are.

Daniel: So keep praising the Lord, y'all.

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